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Welcome to the natural water paradise in the heart of the Brandenburg Ruppiner Lake district!

Nestled on a peninsula where the Ruppiner See (lake) splits off into the nature made Alten Rhin river and the enlarged Rhin rivers, in the center of the older district of Neuruppin ("New"Ruppin) known as Alt Ruppin ("Old"Ruppin), sits our family owned 3 Star Superior Hotel & Restaurant Am Alten Rhin. We are within walking distance of free protected nature reserves, extensive wander & bike trails, near access to natural swimming areas, and right next door to the boat and bike rental company ‘Rhinpaddel’. The opportunities to be connected with nature year-round are endless! Neuruppin district Alt Ruppin is considered the gateway to the Ruppiner Schweiz and offers a great middle point for the exploration of one of the largest lake systems in Europe. Alt Ruppin was already popular among the old fisherman for its prime location and lake access. The so-called ‘Fisherkietz’ (Fisherman’s district) still exists with some fishermen still living in this district and working on the Rhin river. Neuruppin and Alt Ruppin are only 4 km apart with many merging hiking trails and waterways binding them together.

We are located across from the Nikolaikirche (Nikolai Church) built in the 14th Century, 14 Kilometers from the well-known 40-acre Tierpark Kunsterspring (Animal park in Kunsterspring), 24 kilometers from the historic city and castle in Rheinsberg, and only 75 kilometers north of Berlin. The castle filled historical city of Potsdam that still stands as the capital of Brandenburg is a mere 73-kilometer drive or an hour and a half train ride away.
If you plan to make a trip around or through Germany by train or car, Neuruppin district Alt-Ruppin is a great stopping point between Berlin and Hamburg offering a breath of fresh air outside of the big cities. Whether you are traveling south from the Northern cities such as Rostock, Warnemünde, Hamburg or Lübeck, or traveling north from the Southern cities such as Munich, Dresden or Leipzig, Hotel und Restaurant "Am Alten Rhin" stands as the perfect place to relax before the road beckons once again.


Historical Summary of Hotel und Restaurant Am Alten Rhin and Neuruppin

The long history of the Preußen (Prussian) kingdom that once reigned in this area is remembered here through the people and culture. The Preußen (Prussian) kingdom that reigned from 1701 − 1918, began in the Markgrafschaft Brandenburg (Margraviate of Brandenburg) known in short as the ‘Mark Brandenburg’. The kingdom was then further developed out of the Northern March that served as a starting point of the Preußen (Prussian) reign. The state of Brandenburg can thus be historically referred to as the Mark Brandenburg. In memory of that history, the writer, Theodor Fontane, thoroughly explored this area that inspired his well-known book using this reference in the title “Wanderungen Durch Die Mark Brandenburg” (Travels Through the Mark Brandenburg).

On May 1, 1945, the Soviet armed forces reached Neuruppin and prepared to fire at the city from the opposite bank of the lake. However, a stranger managed to hoist a white flag on the tower of the monastery church, as did the parish church. This helped to prevent a quick and imminent destruction of Neuruppin. Until 1991, Neuruppin was still the location of the 12th Soviet armored division. The barracks were later converted into residential buildings as part of the Expo 200.
After the Second World War when Germany was decentralized, this area was under Soviet occupation and governed by the DDR (Deutsche Democratic Republic − aka GDR). The regime was founded in 1949 and lasted until 1990. The physical division of East and West Germany came about with construction of the Berlin Wall that took place in 1961 and lasted until November 9, 1989. A long 155 kilometers (96 miles) of the wall isolated West Berlin occupied by other allies in the middle of the East German sector and was heavily guarded. The rest of the inland border along the East German sector stretched a zigzag path of 1378 kilometers (857 miles) and continued to physically separate Eastern and Western Germany.

Due to the large deficit in the DDR (GDR) economy, the old town of Neuruppin was spared the planned modern changes and fell into disrepair until the late 1970s. In the 1980s, the SED (Sozialistische Einheitsparti Deutschlands − aka Socialist Unity Party) of the DDR (GDR) had been reflecting on the importance of maintaining historical elements of the cities. With this background, the old town of Neuruppin was reconstructed from 1980 to 1986 under the DDR (GDR) conditions according to the classicist model with the participation of the mayor Harald Lemke. Neuruppin slowly developed through the settlement and expansion of technology and industry along with the export to the NSW (NichtSozialistisches Wirtschaftsgebiet - aka - non-socialist economic area), from 1970 − 1989. This was economically significant for the DDR (GDR) and the CMEA (Council of Mutual Economic Assistance) countries. This small town grew from around 18,000 inhabitants to 33,000 inhabitants through the arrival of skilled people from other allies. There were many foreign workers and apprentices from the socialist brother states of Vietnam, Angola, Cuba and the Soviet armed forces, including their families, stationed with around 12,000 men.

After the reunification of east Germany and west Germany, many privatizations were pushed ahead and the people were then allowed to privately own property, helping put an end to a situation that stifled opportunities to pursue sustainable and varied options.

The property where Hotel & Restaurant ‘Am Alten Rhin’ sits was built in the 18th century. It was a former farmhouse / inn that was used in the DDR (GDR) times as a vacation home for VEB Metal workers of Magdeburg. In 1993, the property was purchased by Britta & Bert Krsynowski and with a great deal of work and patience, it has transformed into the hotel that it is today. This Ruppiner Seenland (lake district) area has managed to retain memories of its varied past while building toward a historically respectful future of possibility.

We look forward to meeting you on your visit to the Hotel & Restaurant ‘Am Alten Rhin’ in Neuruppin district Alt Ruppin where you can reconnect with nature.

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