Hygiene Concept Hotel & Restaurant Am Alten Rhin

Update: 01.03.2021

Dear Guests,

Our strict and properly thought out hygiene concept here at the Hotel and Restaurant „Am Alten Rhin“ is followed closely by the management team and all employees. We reach for the best and exceed all regulatory standards in our daily tasks and actions. 

We have also re-worked all processes and procedures so that we can create a safe and comfortable environment to the best of our abilities. We want to still offer you a pleasant hotel and restaurant visit despite Corona.

We take extra precautionary measures for our employees and our guests to ensure a clean environment. We are aware that working under Corona conditions demands a high level of commitment from everyone. With our concept, we want to ensure that employees and guests are given a clean and monitored environment to be able to enjoy our services as safely as possible.

Guests are required to register online when entering the restaurant (using the QR code posted) for contact tracing purposes. This information will only be used if necessary for contact tracing purposes and will be deleted after 4 weeks. 

On behalf of the hotel industry, we want to guarantee that our guests have a pleasant and relaxing stay away from home.

Your Management Team 


Regarding re-opening, the following measures will be taken:

Upon Arrival:

  • Hand Sanitizer and Proper Disinfection products will be present and available at all house entrances for your use.
  • A face covering over your nose and mouth is required throughout all public areas in the hotel.
  • Pay attention to the social distance regulations and keep your distance to 1.5m. There are reminder notices posted throughout the hotel and all tables have been measured out and placed accordingly.  
  • Regular fresh air ventilation of the guest rooms has been planned.
  • Signs directing the guests where to go or wait for table placement have been posted at the entrance 
  • Restaurant: No jackets will be accepted in the cloakroom
  • Hygiene and behavioral instructions are posted and clearly visible 
  • Spit guards have been put up in the reception area
  • According to the regulations on dealing with exposure to COVID-19, there is a form that must be filled out upon entry with the contact details of all guests. This is for contact tracing purposes.  
  • Celebrations can only be carried out according to the resolution and content of the Federal Government. 

Internal Organisational Measures:

  • We split the presence of employees based on our rotating schedules
  • Breaks and working hours are staggered in time
  • We protect employees who are at an increased risk
  • Shift transfers are only carried out between 2 people
  • Regular and more frequent disinfection and cleaning of high-traffic areas such as work surfaces, tables, door handles, toilets, and walkways will occur daily. 
  • More regular cleaning checks of the guest toilets are carried out and signed off at the entrances (at the beginning of the shift, in the middle, and at the end of the shift) 
  • Uniforms will be worn
  • The leadership team will have consistent training (when needed) with follow-up quick meetings to ensure that hygiene tasks are completed

Personal Measures:

  • Top priority: compliance with the hygiene measures
  • Social distancing rules apply (1.5 m)
  • Regular hand washing is required more than usual
  • Coughing or sneezing must be done in the crook of your arm and only use disposable tissues
  • If you feel unwell, contact a doctor immediately or stay at home to protect other employees
  • Face coverings over your nose and mouth are required throughout the hotel in all work rooms and public places
  • Pay attention to your own personal hygiene

Restaurant Visit:

  • No table linens will be used
  • Table reservations are recommended and appreciated at this time (online or via telephone)
  • Face coverings must be worn when not eating and drinking
  • Hand Sanitizer is available for each guest and employee
  • Contactless Payment options
  • Cashless Payments are possible with wireless EC devices
  • A shorter menu of options will be offered
  • No unnecessary dishes or utensils will be used
  • Regular intensive ventilation will occur
  • As tables are cleaned and reset for new guests, the salt and pepper shakers, table, and chairs will be thoroughly disinfected in between uses
  • Disposable napkins will be used
  • Guest information gathered is only for potential contact tracing purposes in case follow-up is necessary
  • Only personal plated dishes will be offered
  • No buffets
  • Drinks will be served with trays (minimal touching of glasses − as always)
  • Terrace operation: tables will be social distanced
  • Cutlery Plate
  • Guest Placement will be outside as the weather allows
  • A digital menu via QR Code will be offered on the terrace as well as table displays and menu options written on boards (limiting touch points)
  • Opening and closing times will be strictly followed
  • Guests are required to register online when entering the restaurant (using the QR code posted) for contact tracing purposes. This information will only be used if necessary for contact tracing purposes and will be deleted after 4 weeks. 

Hotel Visit:

  • Clear and visible signs guiding you through our quick check-in process will be posted
  • Face coverings are required on the hotel grounds
  • Reservations in advance are necessary (online or by telephone) 
  • Check in: will be swift and quick with hand sanitizer available for use
  • Face coverings over your nose and mouth must be worn esp. at the reception desk 
  • Registration form must be filled out upon entry − applies to the hotel and the restaurant
  • As a hotel guest, there is automatic table reservation in the restaurant 
  • Arrange and communicate approximate arrival times to avoid waiting times or queues
  • No luggage transport will be offered
  • Room location and info will be explained clearly and concisely upon arrival
  • Breakfast times for the guests will be determined so that proper social distancing can be observed
  • Breakfast: A face covering is required when not eating or drinking
  • Cleaning of the rooms and linens during your stay will only occur upon request 
  • Housekeeping team will be wearing face coverings and gloves at all times while ensuring social distancing is observed when cleaning the rooms. 

Translated by: www.krsynowski-and-wing.com

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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