Menu from Restaurant Am Alten Rhin in Neuruppin district Alt-Ruppin


In our restaurant, we are proud to highlight seasonal classic and creative regional specialties along with some internationally-inspired options to appease every taste. We strive and focus on serving regional and local products. Our fresh river trout (forelle) comes directly from Zippelsförder fishers. The local butcher delivers fresh meats from the region and any game meats come exclusively from local Brandenburg forests. As the seasons change, wonderful products such as Brandenburg asparagus, chanterelles, and blueberries find their way on the menu. The surrounding rich and fertile lands in the Brandenburg region certainly have a lot to offer those desiring to understand the pure taste of locally sourced products.
As holidays come and the seasons change, special menus reflecting specific products & occasions will be available.

Options for those with allergies or particular dietary needs can be discussed and accommodated when possible. We follow a specific notation standard indicating potential allergens on our menus. See the Allergy information for more details. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or to let our waiters know about any allergies right away.


Restaurant Lunch & Dinner Operating Times

  • Monday 12:00 − 22:00 (10:00pm)
  • Tuesday 12:00 − 22:00 (10:00pm)
  • Wednesday 12:00 − 22:00 (10:00pm)
  • Thursday 12:00 − 22:00 (10:00pm)
  • Friday 12:00 − 22:00 (10:00pm)
  • Saturday 12:00 − 22:00 (10:00pm)
  • Sunday 12:00 − 22:00 (10:00pm)

Kitchen closes daily at 21:00 (9:00 pm)


Beverage Menu

Light & Fresh Appetizers in NeuruppinLight & Fresh Appetizers
From Pots and Pans in NeuruppinFrom Pots and Pans
Dessert and Ice Cream in NeuruppinDessert and Ice Cream

Pumpkin Cream Soup J
from Hokkaido pumpkins with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil
4,80 €

Ukranian Soljanka (Tomato-Meat Soup)H,K,8
A sweet & sour tomato-based meat soup with lemon and sour cream
5,70 €

Chicken Ragout with Mushrooms H,A
gratinated with mountain cheese served with baguette
7,50 €

Small Salad VariationK
Wild-Herbs, Arugula and crispy Vegetables with Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
5,80 €

Mediterranean Vegetables with Salted PotatoesK,H
pumpkin, peppers, zucchini, onions, served with sourcream & salad bouquet
12,50 €

Flatbread "Flammkuchen" A,H
with sour cream, pumpkin wedges, goat cheeese, onions and honey
9,20 €

 Wildgame Gulash with Porcini Mushrooms A,8
served with braised apple-red-cabbage and potato croquettes
17,90 €

Seared Pork Loin Steak A,H
Topped with chicken ragout and gratinated with cheese,
served with thick-cut fries
17,30 €

  Pan-Fried Zanderfilet (river pike-perch) A,D,H
Served over root vegetables and mashed potatoes with a riesling-foam sauce
17,90 €

House Recommendation:
“ Schnitzel of the Day“
Ask for more details!

….for the Children

Chicken Nuggets A,D
served with french fries & ketchup
6,50 €
Pork Schnitzel A,D,H
served with a buttered peas and french fries
6,50 €

All Inclusive Prices

Seared Rabbit Liver A,H,J,8
Served over red wine jus with pan-fried onions and potato puree
12,80 €

Housemade Pökelkammsülze (gelatinized meat & veg.) D,H,K,8
Remoulade sauce, Bratkartoffeln: pan fried potatoes, onions, and bacon with Salad bouquet
12,50 €

Alt Ruppiner "Steakburger" A,D,H,K,8
two grilled hip steaks from argentinan beef served over a potato pancake, with bacon and sourcream, spicy onion marmelade and salad bouquet
17,90 €

Grilled Rib-Eye Steak H,K
with herb-butter and salad bouquet
ca. 200 gr. = 19,00 €
ca. 300 gr. = 24,00 €

Grilled Rump steak - from Wulkower Weiderind H,K
with herb butter and a salad bouquet
ca. 200 gr. = 19,00 €
ca. 300 gr. = 23,50 €

.....choose your side:

Sweetpotato Fries 4,80 €
Fried potato wedges 3,00 €
Thick-cut french fries 3,00 €
Salted Potatoes 2,00 €
Bratkartoffeln: Pan-fried Potatoes with bacon and onions8 4,00 €
Potato CroquettesA 3,00 €

Light and Fresh

Sweet potato Fries (V), glutenfree, H,K
with Sourcream and Salad Bouquet
7,90 €

Tagliarini Noodles „Mediterranean“ (V) A,D,I,H
with Tomato, Chili, Garlic, Arugula and Basil − Pinenut pesto,
served with Parmesan
9,50 €
with seared Shrimp A,B,D,I,H 16,80 €

Pear Strudel
homemade strudel with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped creamA,D,H
6,60 €

Large Cream Puff
homemade large cream puffs, filled with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream served with sour cherry ragoutA1,D,H
6,90 €

... and for our Gourmet lovers
1 Espresso with 4 small sweet surprisesA,10,D,H,I
8,20 €

Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice Cream Sundae „Granola−Alten Rhin“
two scoops fresh yogurt ice cream, with crispy granola and a seasonal fruit ragoutA,D,H
6,80 €

Ice Cream Sundae „Alter Rhin“
two scoops vanilla ice cream, one scoop cherry ice cream, with Cherry ragout and Whipped Cream A,D,H
6.70 €
Ice Cream „Chocolate Dream“
two scoops chocolate ice cream, One scoop vanilla ice cream, with Egg Nog and Whipped Cream A,D,H
6,80 €
For the Children: „The Sweet Tooth“
one scoop chocolate ice cream, one scoop cherry ice cream and a small sweet surprise A,D,H
4,00 €

*All-inclusive prices = tax is included in the price*
*We do not charge any other fees and no tip is included in the price*

GF = Gluten free
LA = Lactose free
V = Vegetarian
VG = Vegan

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